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6 Types of Home Inspection That You Must Get Before Buying A House

Getting a house inspected by real estate inspection services in San Diego before buying it can save you many losses in the future. It helps the buyer know about all types of major and minor problems in the home structure before buying it. It uncovers potentially life-threatening issues that can cause significant loss to the homeowner. Because of all these reasons, home inspection has become a critical step before purchasing a home. We have researched and generated a list of home inspections that you must get before buying a property. 

Roof Inspection

if the house you will purchase is older than 25 years, it is likely to suffer from roof leaks and damages. Your roof inspector will examine the roof visually to see if the roof has any visible injuries. After that, he will use a drone camera and handheld infrared sensor to check if heat leaks from any part of the roof. This roof inspection can help you save thousands of dollars throughout your living time in that particular house. If your inspector succeeds in finding problems like mold growth or rotting wood in your roof, then leave the plan of purchasing that house or get its roof replaced before buying it.

Chimney Inspection

If the house you will purchase has a chimney, make sure to get it inspected for cracked or deteriorating mortar. If you ignore this problem, your chimney will not be able to exhaust the smoke from the fireplace when you light it up. It would be best to choose a camera inspection service in San Diego because it can thoroughly inspect the places inaccessible by humans. 

Electrical Network Inspection

Problems in electrical systems are the leading cause of fires in residential and commercial facilities. These problems are caused because most people ignore installing safety equipment to ensure the safety of electrical appliances. To make your house safe for safe to live for yourself and your family, make sure to get its electrical systems inspected by a professional home inspector.

Lead-Based Paint Inspection

Lead is a dangerous element that occurs in nature and poses many risks to the health of humans and animals. After 1978, lead-based paint was banned by the government for its use in residential and commercial buildings. If your house was constructed before 1978, get it inspected for lead-based color by real estate inspection services in San Diego. If you ignore this issue, you will probably suffer from blood cell problems, reduce calcium absorption, kidney diseases, brain problems, and decreased muscle movement. 

Plumbing Inspection

Unwanted and ample water can be the biggest enemy for the structure of your home. Get the plumbing and waster fixtures inspected for leaks. This will enable you to safeguard the structure of the house and elongate its lifespan.

Pest Inspection

A pest inspection will look for the signs of infestation and pest damages to the attractive areas to these external entities. They will look for piles of wings of insects, mud tubes, moisture presence, and wood that was eaten away by termites. In most cases, the places that are infected by pests are not visible or accessible by humans. Ensure to hire a camera inspection service in San Diego to check for the signs of infestation in dark and narrow spaces. 

Final Words

If you want to secure the investment you are making by purchasing a new house, don’t forget to get each system inspected separately by Eco Home Inspection. Our inspectors have been inspecting houses & properties for years, and customer service is our highest priority.

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