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About Eco Home Inspections

Eco Home Performance Inspection was established in 2009 with the mission of educating and protecting property buyers. That mission continues to be a driving force through today. Eco Home Performance Inspections has always put the interests of our clients first. We do not have any “special” relationships with real estate agents and always give our clients the option of being on the premises during inspection.
We use cutting-edge technology to bring you the most comprehensive inspection results. We are experienced with both residential and commercial property inspections. We understand the needs of todays investor and always know what to look for in an investment property. We also know how important a home is. We make sure your house can be the home of your dreams.


Michael Vitali

Since 1981, Michael Vitali has been an Entrepreneur starting his first Auto restoration business at age 18. From Telcom to Dot Com, Michael has succeeded and surpassed his goals with San Diego based businesses. With passion for restorations, from classic cars to homes, he has a keen eye and attention for detail. Having been involved in the Real Estate industry for the last 35 years, it was a perfect fit to start Eco Home and Performance Inspections.

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