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Affordable Mold Inspection Services San Diego

A significant mood damper would have to be mold growth; it is incredibly annoying when it grows up on areas that seemingly have no reason to have mold growth. This is why it is best that the minute you think you spotted some green where it is not supposed to be, place a call to Eco Homes Inspections without another moment’s notice. Avail the highly specialized and expertly handled mold inspection services in San Diego by them. These services are the best possible ones that are of standard quality and will not leave you feeling broke.

For Mold Inspection, Eco Home Inspections’ accredited group of environmental consultants uses state-of-the-art equipment to identify the source of any mold issue and recommend a solution. Our consultants will perform temperature and humidity readings, a visual inspection, moisture assessment, conduct air quality sampling with laboratory analysis, and respirable particle sampling.

Our Mold Inspectors

Eco Home Inspections’ stringent standards allow only experts in mold inspection and remediation to be considered for our teams. Our teams of independent consultants have provided mold inspection for thousands of residential, governmental, educational, and commercial clients who agree that Eco Home Performance, and our teams, is a group that you can count on.

After Identifying Mold Issues

When we identify mold issues in your property, whether it’s
a residence or building, the most critical aspect of the assessment is to determine
the cause of why mold is present. After identifying the reason, we will correct
and follow up with mold remediation to remove the mold issues.

Why Our Services Are Renowned

We are firm and confident in every step we take, as we don’t want any misunderstanding or problem. When we are hired for our mold inspection services in San Diego, we do not hold back. We check all the areas infected, close to the infected area, and far. We take samples and have them reviewed and analyzed by renowned laboratories. Next, we use the best possible products and try to find the root of the problem and the most efficient way to eradicate the problem completely for now and in the future.

Our Service Benefits

The advantages of having our services are many. Listed below are a few:

  • Affordable prices
  • Expert technicians
  • Complete compiled handbook of the inspection
  • Quick and non-crowding workers


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