Pre-Home Buy or Sell Inspections

Pre Home Buy and Sell Inspections in San Diego

Most people buy a home once in their life, so this decision should be the best from every aspect. With Eco Home Inspections, you can get the most reliable and experienced pre home buy and sell inspections in San Diego. Our qualified and professional inspectors will check the roof, floor, sewerage system, pools, walls, and thoroughly every corner of the property.

Our pre-sale inspection will let you know the actual current condition of your house. Once you hire us, we will assess everything thoroughly. It includes plumbing, electrical, and ventilation down to the appliances handed to the buyer. Simply put, we will evaluate everything from the exterior to the interior. It will take only a few hours to complete the inspection. In the end, our inspector will give you a report of all the things that he/she notices during the inspection.

If you are searching for a house to purchase, you have to inspect the property before making any decision. It is excellent to examine rather than spending extra money for the maintenance of your house. Hire Pre Home Buy and Sell Inspections in San Diego by Eco Home inspections.

Pre Home Buy and Sell Inspections in San Diego, CA | Eco Home Inspections

Mostly, people buy a home once in their lives. It should be a great decision while purchasing your dream home. Before buying a home, you should know its issues and things that need to be fixed and other highlights. You required a real estate inspector to make a decision. Eco Home Performance Inspection has a decade of experience in inspecting construction, plumbing, roof check, and electrical issues. With us, you will get actual findings.


Our Inspector Inspects

Our expert inspector will contact your seller to verify the availability and set up an appointment to inspect your property. The inspector will go directly to the property and perform the inspection. After the complete examination, you will have a detailed report of findings.

Discuss Findings With You

After the house inspection, our inspector will briefly discuss the results with you. If you don’t get anything, don’t worry. Our inspector will have taken lots of pictures and will send you a detailed report briefing every issue detected in the house.

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