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Since 2009 we are leading the way in advancing inspection techniques with the data we gather and the equipment we use for examination. We don’t do repairs, sewer scopes only to avoid any repair conflicts our contractors may have. We are a specialty company, so our experts’ primary focus is the inspection of the sewer pipes.


How We Inspect

Our dedicated team at Eco Home Inspections ensures that we gathered all the necessary information to solve an issue regarding sewer repair and pipeline fixes. Sewer system damage can be due to corrosion, leaks, blockages, and obstruction. Several points in your sewer pipelines require immediate attention or just one part that is disturbing the whole system. Whatever the reason is, we can identify the problem and give a suitable solution.

Sewer Camera Inspections

To make sure you don’t waste time and money on a less than proper procedure, The Eco Home Inspections makes sure to perform a video inspection of your pipes before beginning any repair work.

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