Termite Inspection Services in San Diego

Professional Termite Inspection Services in San Diego

The biggest haters of your house’s foundation apart from natural disasters are termites. These invisible and sneaky little things will slowly enter your house and begin to eat away at the foundation, insulation, and metal sliding, making your bills go up. You will be unable to find the correct solution until it is too late. A straightforward solution is to have an annual termite inspection by Eco Homes inspections using their service termite inspection services in San Diego. You can place a call or send an email to our customer care and get yourself booked for an appointment at the hands of an expert technician.

Essential Termite Inspection Services

When you think about termite problems, out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind. Signs of a termite infestation are challenging to spot, and many termites reach a home or feeding site through long distances. Eco Home Inspections offers essential termite inspection services that can help you protect your home—before termites attack.

Why We Are Envied

There are many reasons as to why our competitors are envious of us. When you hire us for termite inspection services in San Diego, we send a team of technicians to every client to ensure they get the job done quickly and without crowding the customer’s place, commercial or residential. We also make sure that our technicians are polite and courteous to provide our clients with a comfortable aura of work.

We Are The Best Possible Choice In This Case

We have worked hard to make ourselves the best possible choice for our clients. Here are a few reasons;

  • Experts available for each client
  • Armed and ready to execute, no extra supplies need to be provided
  • Quick to response
  • Customer satisfactory quality

What We Inspect

Our inspectors will examine your property’s outside and inside, including the attic, patios, porches, garage, and basement. They will also find possible leaks in high-moisture environments such as the pools, washrooms, and kitchens. It depends on the size of your home, but our termite inspection services usually take an hour. Our specialists will be looking for termites (dead or alive), termite wings, termite tubes, and termite pellets.

Recommendations After Inspection

After the inspection, you will have a report that describes everything our specialists found, whether it be the pests themselves or the damage they left behind. The information will also provide recommendations for treatment, repair, or preventative services going forward.


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Termite Inspection Services in San Diego

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